menstrual sex

Life of a Sheltered Child: Menstrual Sex

Menstrual sex. Is it safe? I still don’t know.

I had it three times.

The first time it happened to me was, well…I don’t even know what was happening to me.

I was at my partner’s house and we were having our weekly fuck session.

As he was repositioning himself, he looked down at his penis and he let out a loud slow gasp.

I, on the other hand, was lying on the bed and I didn’t know what was going on. So I, casually, asked him “What’s wrong?”

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idee du desir papillon

Review: Idee du Desir Papillon – A 5-in-1

I’m on a mission.

A mission to make the Papillon enter the league – the league of the best sex toys out there in the world, along with the Hitachi, Pure Wand, and all those majestic toys.

I thought about creating a rainbow dildo confetti explosion in your room while a Papillon popped out from your computer screen or hypnotizing you into feeling the need to grab one now to make this toy go viral – because you know, these are some easy way – but heh.

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life of a shelthered child ignorance and misconception

Life of a Sheltered Child: Ignorance & Misconception – A Scary Combination

It is scary, now that I look back at all the things I was told as I was growing up.

As a little baby, our minds and thoughts get filled with stories, information, experiences of all sorts that fill the white pages of our mind. Then education comes in, and help us fill the gap between the information we learned by connecting dots and breaking the dots leading to misconceptions. But when it comes to sexuality, where is the education that help break the path leading to misconceptions?

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tantus charmer review

Review: Tantus Charmer

The Tantus Charmer is like the perfect date. The one that clicks with you instantaneously the moment you meet. The one that woes you with a single look. The one that respects you and you’re boundaries. In short, the perfect being you’ve only heard people talk about as they were in love.

But just like any of those way-too-perfect situations, there’s always a twist.

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