Yo sexy humans!

My name is Reenie, also known as Naughty Reenie, King of Sextopia – the village of sex toys.

This little village was constructed in May 2013 in order for me to find the world’s best sex toys to bring pleasure and happiness to the human world. To make sure Sextopia fulfills this goal, each new member will be thoroughly tested and a review/report will be written about it. Sadly, I’m still pretty noob. Nobody ever taught me how to manage my genitals and stimulate my pleasure buds. The only things I was taught about sex were…well, as I discovered later on, all wrong. So sometimes I’m a little bit wonky. But don’t fret! I’m determined to find out how pleasure works, and grow out of every single misconception with the help of the amazing members of this village, as well as you.

Every little sex toys in this village are friendly and welcoming, but there are some toys out there that are mean, and deadly – often known as the genital eating monsters. As the mayor of this village, it is my duty to protect every member living here as well as inform as much humans as possible that are living in the human world. My dildo army will do everything to keep us safe!

If you know of a wonderful little toy that would love to join Sextopia, hit me up at naughtyreenie [at] gmail [dot] com. The community here will welcome it wholeheartedly, and of course, go through my stamps of approval!


Come on! Don’t be shy! Come talk to me! Want to know how a little fellow toy is doing today? Want to know about any news happening in Sextopia? Want to learn about our weather? Use this little crappy form down here! I’ll be happy to chat with you!

You could also contact me anonymously.

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