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naughtyreenie one year blogiversary

First Year Blogiversary: Get these sex toys!

VROOOOOOOM! And here we are. One year. Already. I can’t believe how fast time flew by.

To thank you all for your amazing support, I’m giving away some of my personal favorite toys. I contacted 10 amazing companies to sponsor these 10 prizes to ten lucky winners.
Some prizes are available to international readers, while others are only available in US and CA. There are two prizes that will need shipping fee if outside US or CA. Prizes will be separated into categories to ease you out.

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This rarity goes to…

Yes, the moment has finally arrived. The moment were the truth is revealed about who gets their hands on this last Tantus Alumina Revolve carefully saved by MissX. However, before doing so, I want to give a big thanks to all the participants. I really enjoyed reading all the comments, …

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tantus alumina revolve

Giveaway: Win a Rarity!

To save one vagina or a butt hole from this total disaster, MissX saved up that one last Tantus Alumina Revolve for that one lucky hole(s). Can they get awesomer?

Oh yes they can. Every time, I felt extremely bad that my giveaways were only open for Canada or US people, but THIS time, they made it to DA WORLDWIDE! Not impressed? Oh come on guys. I’m trying here!

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