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Naughty Las Vegas – Things To Do For Couples

If you are looking for adventure in Las Vegas, you can start with zip lining. It will give you a base as to whether you are scared of heights, or would be interested in a room at Circus Circus with a trapeze above the bed! How kinky are you? Do you like to watch or be involved in the action? Swings can be quite fun in the bedroom. I know I enjoyed the swing. The movement can’t be beat. Once you get the swing down, it is very easy to develop a good rhythm and the orgasms keep coming. No pun intended! The more fun you have with this, the better. You have to be open to pleasuring yourself and your partner. You can be shy, but open to new experiences.

Maybe you want to gamble a little. Wear a nice dress and choose a couple of slot machines. Maybe while you are gambling, your partner can maneuver his hand to your spot. Massage you while you are spinning away. If you are lucky you’ll hit a jackpot while you hit a jackpot of an orgasm! This is what I would call a double play. Maybe you will entice your lover so much that eventually you forego the two chairs for one. There is nothing like having your partner so turned on that they can not take their hands off you.

Then there are the many live shows which have a clothed version and a topless version for those who are more mature. There are so many shows to choose from! These are usually full of fun and props. All that glitter, dancers, makeup and costumes, or not! While in the audience do you want to be turned on for later? A quiet booth in a corner might be a way to snuggle closer and get some action.

And, you can always order a massage for two or three if you like. Maybe find a threesome at a reputable swingers’ club. It’s really all up to your imagination and of course your pocket book. I would love to see some of the special effects behind closed curtains. Would I be okay with having another lady fawn over my man, or would I prefer another lady dancing on me? Might it make me want to join in the fun and strip and play for my partner? You will never know unless you experience it. I’m sure a special lady can be found to pleasure both of you. Or just one, if you prefer to watch. But if you are so in love with your partner, you may just want to join in. Strip a little. Show what you are proud of. For instance if you just lost weight, or you had cosmetic surgery. Be proud and share your experience. Be the sex kitten you always wanted to be! Some racy lingerie under your dress would be perfect. And don’t forget the heels! They will make your legs look long and lean. Plus your partner will love them. Wear some shoes or boots that are out of your comfort level.

I believe toward the end of the main drag you will find more of the sex industry, including strip clubs and sex shops. Almost anything can be found in this racy area. Girls are lining the streets, some on boxes, to provide entertainment. For some, the crazier, the better. They will dance for you. I’m sure with a tip, they will do more than that! Go into a sex shop and see if any of the toys interest you. That includes your partner. There are various creams and lotions to try that do all sorts of things. From enhancing your pleasure to enhancing his, maybe with a tingle. And vibrators to tickle you until you are so turned on for your partner. And many colors and sizes to choose from. One may just be for your flower. To make it bloom. Another may be for penitration for your main flower. It is basically your choice! I have seen vibrators specifically for rubbing one area and others for finding that G spot. Don’t forget to get your partner’s opinion. What does he or she want to try?

In these shops you will also find other ways to spice up your night. There are these whip cream canisters that you can play with the cream, but inhale the gas. This is the same gas they give you at the dentist. It will make your your toes curl.

I’m not sure, because I have never hired an escort, but I do believe this entertainment is offered at the end of the strip. If you are looking for a threesome, foursome, or an orgy, I’m betting that you can find them there.

Happy searching for the ultimate orgasm or the ultimate, multiple orgasm that will leave you screaming and pleading for more!