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Lingerie for Smaller Bust – A Dream Coming to Light

Lingerie is a clothing category I never dared to touch. Just look at the advertisements or pictures out there. The people wearing them have boobs, have curves.

Me? I don’t have boobs or curves.

Whenever I had a piece of lingerie on me, I looked like a kid wearing clothing that is too big for me, and I looked horrendous in it. I looked like someone that wore the wrong suit on the wrong day in the wrong size.

However, one thing that’s different about lingerie from suits is that I can hide it behind clothes. I can hide my tiny barely existent boobs behind the scarcely fitting push-up bras and pretend to the world that “Hey! I have boobs!”

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naughtyreenie one year blogiversary

First Year Blogiversary: Get these sex toys!

VROOOOOOOM! And here we are. One year. Already. I can’t believe how fast time flew by.

To thank you all for your amazing support, I’m giving away some of my personal favorite toys. I contacted 10 amazing companies to sponsor these 10 prizes to ten lucky winners.
Some prizes are available to international readers, while others are only available in US and CA. There are two prizes that will need shipping fee if outside US or CA. Prizes will be separated into categories to ease you out.

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