Giveaway: Six artistic dildos for the holidays

Holidays are coming! And this totally means that you can finally stay at home and masturbate instead of going to work or school, right?

If not, you better make some time, because this year, I’ve prepared something special for you peeps.

reenie 2015 holiday sex toys giveaway

This year, six artisans, that I absolutely admire, have each handcrafted a dildo for you peeps and YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN ONE!

A major thank you to Fucking Sculpture, Exotic-Erotics, Silvarus, Lumberjill Leisurecrafts, Slick’s Dicks and Tails and Portholes for sponsoring this giveaway and for creating such beauties for our genitals!

To enter: Choose the one favourite toy you’d want to win (make sure you check the shipping info), and then use the widget below to complete the rest of the giveaway!

GIVEAWAY ENDS: DECEMBER 9TH, 2015 at 11:59 p.m EST


fucking sculpture g-spoon

  • Shipping: Open to US & CAN only
  • Colour: Sparkly green
  • Size: Small (Girth: 10-11 cm, Length: 18-20 cm)

I’ve tried a g-spoon during Dildoholiday (thank you Aerie!), and I can definitely say, THIS TOY IS AMAZING!!!! Additionally, just for your information, this beautiful piece is made out of high quality glass, and since there’s no base, it is totally not butt safe!


exotic-erotics cody medium giveaway prize

  • Shipping: Free for US, $10 USD will be paid for anywhere else (You have to chip in the rest).
  • Colour: Beautiful Christmas-theme customized colour with a mistletoe on one of the balls (holy shit this is totally badass)!
  • Size: Medium (Tip diameter: 1.7″, Mid-Shaft diameter: 1.3″, Medial ring diameter: 1.7″, Length: 10″)

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’d know I absolutely adore the Cody Mini. So giving away a Cody from Exotic-Erotics is a must. AND THIS COLOURATION! Just. Freaking. Look. At. It. I know I already said it, but I’ll say it again. This is totally badass.


silvarus luxe s1 giveaway prize 2015

  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Colour: One-of-a-kind Italian olive wood
  • Size: Length: 8.6″, Large bulb: 1.5″, Small bulb: 1.2″

This is the most luxurious dildo Silvarus has ever made, so you peeps are really getting your genitals spoiled. Also, please don’t use this in the butt!

The wood used to create this dildo is exceptional, and there are at least 20 coating that went on there, so you definitely don’t need to worry about any splinters.


shouldawooda the rush sex toy giveaway

  • Shipping: US only
  • Colour: Walnut Wood
  • Size: Length: 7″, Girth: 1.5″

This is an EXTREMELY textured dildo, so make sure your genital approves of that. Ah, and since there’s no base, I think you know which genital this dildo shouldn’t go into, right? Again, Lumberjill Leisurecrafts’ dildos don’t create splinters, so you can rest assure about that!


slicksdicks grabby sex toy giveaway

  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Colour: Glacial Melt
  • Size: Tip diameter: 1.5″, Upper knot diameter: 1.5″, Shaft diameter: 1.25″, Lower knot diameter: 1.75″, Length: 10″

Ever since I saw Lunabelle’s Grabby during Woodhull, I knew I had to include Slick’s Dicks into my list of admired artisans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sparklies combined so beautifully in a silicone dildo before.

Andrew, the owner of Slick’s Dicks also included a small description for this toy, so here it is:

An abstract design intended for deeper exploration, Slick’s Dicks Grabby features a unique tri-lobed tip with tentacle overtones and a slim shaft with a small bulge toward the base that allows for knotting. The semi-spherical base has a small but strong a suction cup.

Grabby is made of 100% platinum catalyst silicone with a shore hardness of 00-30, comparable with most soft compounds offered by other silicone fantasy toy makers.

This Grabby is presented in the colors of Glacial Melt, a swirl of icy white and crisp ocean blues.

Along with the Grabby, you also get a Kalimna as well as a penguin squishy (all featured in the picture)!


the nereids and the merman by tailsandportholes sex toy giveaway

  • Shipping: US only
  • Colour: Winter-themed custom colouration
  • Size: Nereids (Girth diameter: 1.75″, Length: 5.5″), Merman (Girth: 6.75″, Length: 6″)

Brandie, the owner of Tails and Portholes, created two dildos for you to choose from! You can either choose the Nereids, which is the translucent one with sparkles and tints of blue, or the Merman, which is the one with the gold base. The Nereids has more texture, while the Merman has a bit of knotting. Choose wisely!


Good luck everyone!
Make sure you read the description of each toy before entering the giveaway. 

Six Artistic Dildos for the Holidays


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  • IFoundANickel

    For the Tails and Portholes, does the Merman have a circumference of 6.75?

    • Reenie

      Yes. It’s the circumference!

  • Myra

    Personally, I love the unique wood designs from Lumberjill Leisurecrafts. As soon as I get enough money together, I hope to pick up one of their gorgeous pieces! (Honestly, I’d rather purchase from them then win one in a giveaway. I’m odd like that.)

  • Craig Non

    My current favorite artisan is HolePunch toys, partially because I am really wanting a fluke but the main reason is STYLE. Colin really has a way with making beautifully crafted toys.

    • Reenie

      Oh! I love the products he makes too!!!! The shape are especially intriguing and the names he gives to his toys are just adorable!

  • Rubbernerd

    So many beautiful sex toys, I would love to have that grabby! The coloration on that Cody deserves a mention, it’s enough to make me a fan of peppermint.

  • Jpeg

    Thank you for such a great contest! I love handcrafted goods, but handcrafted sex toys, now that’s just cool! I hope I win the G-Spoon!

  • ImaGodiva

    My favorite artisan is HolePunch Toys, because of the artistic, tongue-in-cheek approach to toy design. While I have a soft spot for the Crotch Rocket, the first Holepunch toy I acquired, my current favorite is CJ Hooker.

    • Reenie

      I’ve been eye-ing that dildo for a while now! What do you like about it?

      • ImaGodiva

        The CJ? I have a custom one in firm, and held backwards, balls forward instead of behind, it’s a fabulous g-spotter. I also have a soft one that is a nice thruster, and excellent to mouth. 😀

        • Reenie

          Now you make me not know which firmness to get when I do have the funds to get one… u.u

    • Tzipora

      Ooh I totally meant to mention Holepunch also. There stuff is so cute and fun and bright and quirky. Fits my personality. I kinda wanna run around in nothing but a cape, harness and the Crotch Rocket because my inner child is endlessly amused by the imagery. 😛

      • ImaGodiva

        I highly recommend doing just that, and you could figure out some use for the smaller one too, the Pocket Rocket!

        • Reenie

          That one reminds me of the Papillon from Idee du Desir XD

  • Beck

    I love Exotic-Erotics. Their products are always amazing and the quality is simply awesome.

  • KinkyKittenKim

    Fcking Sculpturs G spoon for me haven’t tried their products yet. and everyone raves about them I want to see what the fuss is about. I found it hard to choose what I would like though as there are so many nice toys I was gunna go for tails and portholes because the koi neried is stunning!

  • Lilith

    Slick’s Dicks has the most beautiful coloring, but I love the Exotic-Erotics designs so much…I can’t pick a favorite!

    • Reenie

      I don’t blame you!!! All the toys are absolutely magnificent!

  • Mist

    Oh my GOD, that Cody! I was so tempted to enter for that, but since I already have an amazing Cody, I decided against it. But damn, that is just unreal.

    As for my favorite artisan, I’m torn between Damn Average and Exotic Erotics. Their styles are different, but they both do such incredible work and they always manage to blow me away. My favorite DA toy is tough to say, but probably the Orc followed VERY closely by Rattler. Holy moly, those toys knock my socks off. My favorite EE toy is the Treant, for sure! It not only looks like an amazing sculpt, but it feels amazing (it’s actually even better than I was expecting, and I had pretty high expectations). Plus, just messing around with it is a lot of fun :3

    Also, thank you for this giveaway! Got some great people involved, although this is the first time I’ve heard of Silvarus! Always neat to hear about new shops :)

    • Reenie

      YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE BURGER! I don’t think anything can top that! One day I want a burger Cody too!

      Oh! What firmness is your Orc? The one I have is way too floppy, so I have a hard time feeling much of it =S

      • Mist

        Hahaha! I look forward to the day you get your own! :3

        My Orc is in DA’s soft, but I’ve been pining for a medium and firm. Is yours super soft? I’ve found that to be way too soft for me with small-average sized toys, but pretty nice in large toys.

        • Reenie

          Ya, mine is super soft. And it just feels like a very soft blob of silicone lol XD

          • Mist

            Yeeeeah, I have a super soft AAA and it doesn’t do much of anything for me, but it is /very/ pretty, so it’d have to be pried from my cold, dead fingers lol.

            Soft is great though! It’s on par with BD/FB medium and slightly softer than EE’s. So, if that’s your preference, I’d go with that! I love it, but I’m also curious to see how the firmer options work out. I love the Orc model, so I don’t mind indulging that curiosity :3

  • Tzipora

    I don’t know that I have enough experience to totally pick a favorite dildo artisan. I’m not so into the unusual stuff ala Exotic Erotics or Bad Dragon but I also don’t like dildos that look like the real thing either. Have to say I’m continuously thrilled just by Fucking Sculptures name. I like how depending where you out the emphasis when you say it out loud it sounds totally amusing. Like swearing at sculptures. Lol. And my gosh do they make some flipping gorgeous stuff! All I have is several mass produced glass dildos so to own something that gorgeous would be incredible and needless to say that’s what I choose to enter for.

    With that said though, I came so close to choosing to enter for the Silvarus. Never tried wood but my gosh those are beautiful. I guess I want my dildos to look like works of art. Lol.

    So excited for this giveaway though! Woohoo! Thank you!!!

    • Reenie

      Oh I definitely understand the lust after dildos that look like pieces of art! This is basically what this giveaway was based on!
      And yep. Fucking Sculptures. XD I always put an emphasize on the ‘Fucking’ when I say that name. Brilliant name~

  • Kinky Mom

    I would love to win the merman I have never seen this dildo before I am in lust with it!

  • Angela


  • Jasper De Souza

    These all look like amazing prizes.

  • Girly Juice

    *drools endlessly over dat G-Spoon*

    • Reenie

      I think I need a G-spoon in my life too.

  • KZiegs

    The Silvarus toys are SO GORGEOUS.

  • Telercoi

    I don’t know if they count as artisans, because they’re well-known manufacturers, but I adore Tantus toys. They make my favorite dildo (the Splash) and I just feel like they put their time into making good, high-quality, functional toys… rather than gimmicky nonsense that’s useless half the time, like some other “luxury” manufacturers.

    Btw, since my favorite dildo ever is the super-textured Splash, is it that hard to guess which of these amazing toys caught my eye? Haha

    • Reenie

      Ouhlala! If you do win, you need to tell me how you’re liking those textures! I adore Tantus too! By the way, which colouration do you have for the Splash? Is it the new one? Or the old one with the pearl-purple fade?

  • alice t

    The G-Spoon has been on my list FOREVER. And that green color…

    • Reenie

      Apparently, it has sparkles too!

  • Nevan

    My fav artisan would be Brandie! My merman from her is one of my absolute favs, both aesthetically and in-use! I might try a nereid in the future…

    • Reenie

      Oh wow! Nice! Will you be comfortable sharing a picture of your Merman? The Nereid is also up for giveaway! So if you entered for that one, I wish you luck!

  • Straight Plugged

    Njoy are the best

    • Reenie

      Hahaha! Can’t counter that! Any particular product you absolutely love from them?

  • Artemis Quivers

    I would say Tantus, like someone else said, not sure if they count as an artisan though. I only own the Flurry, but I love what they stand for and the variety of products they offer and can’t wait to own more.

    • Reenie

      Oooh! Definitely! Tantus are definitely amazing, and I also love what thye stand for! Also, how are you liking the Flurry? What are some other products you’re eyeing from them?

      • Artemis Quivers

        I am liking it so far! Still fairly new to enjoying vaginal stimiluation so still exploring what I do and don’t like in a dildo and in my vagina. I am probably getting the slow drive long for Black Friday, and I’ve also been eyeing the Uncut #1, I love how it looks.

        • Reenie

          Oh my god yes. The Uncut! It is gorgeous! I still haven’t gotten the chance to try mine, but I’ve only been hearing raves about it!

  • Whitney M

    Hurray for dildo giveaway! Thanks NaughtyReenie!

  • snoot

    That cody is really pretty!

  • Lux R

    That Grabby looks like it might be made of some of the silicone from a guided mystery I ordered, which Slick/Andrew put so much effort into getting right. He’s such a great craftsman and I’m endlessly grateful that he put the effort into mine even if this is unrelated.

    So yeah, he gets my vote as a top artisan.

    • Reenie

      Oooooh! You have a Grabby? You haz pictures?! Their stuff is always so sparkly and amazing that I can’t resist looking at them!

      I definitely agree with that. I actually have contacted them (and a couple more), but some were too busy to contribute. I don’t blame them! It’s holiday season! Business comes first!

      • Lux R

        Unfortunately not a Grabby, but two gorgeous Kalimna squishies I ordered as a guided mystery (the second and last one in the picture, sent to me by Slick himself). I submitted the image of a paua shell I’ve attached here as inspiration and Slick produced some amazing stuff based on it. He was so great about it that I probably will order a Grabby or Twisty in the future though, especially now I’ve seen how his silicone catches the light IRL. He does some of the best iridescents I’ve seen and went above and beyond for a small order.

      • Lux R

        Ah, sorry if I was unclear there!

        I have a pair of Kalimna based on an image of a paua shell (image attached) I sent Slick, as a guided mystery. It wasn’t a full custom at all but he was so generous with his time and skills, and I can’t thank him enough for it. (They also came with three penguins a little less than 2″ high, which I’m really fond of.) I’ll see if I can get a good picture during the day with natural light, because the colours are amazingly iridescent.

        • Reenie

          *jaw drops* I’m now more than extremely curious to see the picture! And those cute little squishy penguins!

          • Lux R

            All four of these were poured by Slick based on my order. This is the photo he sent me to choose two from (I have the second and last one). They’re so shimmery and beautiful. The guided mystery option for Kalimna was only $5 AUD more and you can see how pretty they are.

            I’ll try and get you a good photo of my penguins ASAP. The model is called Gunter, and they make great desk toys.

  • Aurion Corvica

    Also a fan of Njoy – though Blue Ritual is quickly rising to the top of my fantasy dildo faves!

  • quirk

    I am rather in awe of the folks at Bad Dragon. Their work is always beautiful. Fucking Sculptures also makes amazing things.

  • SickRose

    The fucking sculpture pieces just reaffirms my desire to learn to work with glass.

  • SickRose

    I think Crystal Delights are my favorite. I haven’t been able to invest in one yet so I don’t have a favorite, but they are truly beautiful pieces.

  • Taylor

    My favorite sex toy artisan would have to be Crystal Delights :) They make such beautiful glass plugs and dildos 😍

    • Reenie

      Oooooh! I totally agree!!! And those tails! So so pretty!

  • Reenie

    Oh holy wow! So sparkly and beautiful! Thank you for linking me to your review! It’s great to see another Canadian fellow! =D

    • Sophie Rose

      The Merman was actually the other one that I really wanted. I’m very curious about the knot. oh that knot….

  • Grace

    This is such an awesome giveaway- I’ve never seen such unusual toys (well, not any nice ones, at least…)

  • Heaven

    These toys look so neat, I am digging the Exotic-Erotic one with the colors.

  • Avery (formerly an Amanda)

    RIP whipspider rubberworks. not that i dont love that other artisans have done their own renditions of a tentacle, but theirs was the best. my friend had the ghost and it was so beautiful.

  • Shootertron

    1. My favorite toy artisan is Damn Average because Sheep does the best marbles and color combos. Out of all the artisans I’ve bought from, I’ve bought the most toys from DA. My one complaint is that shipping takes a while, even after ordering premade toys. It’s a one-person operation, though.

    2. My favorite toy has to be the medium Above Average Alien.

    • Reenie

      I totally agree with you that Sheep makes one of the best marbles and colour combos ever!!

      And what colour is your AAA?

  • Wren

    One of my favorite artisans has to be Damn Average. Her marbling techniques are awesome and a lot of her models are great for people who can’t always handle massive, girthy, lengthy dildos. And her squishies! They’re so adorable! My Orc and Tentacle are my favorites but I’ve got my eyes on a couple other models too.

    Exotic Erotics is also awesome. The nebula-themed James I custom ordered from them is just flat-out amazing. Favorite EE model I own.

    Still sad about Whipspider Rubberworks, I have their Wave model and it’s super pretty. Why’d they have to leave? I want their Orchid vibe cover and their Tentacle super bad but they’re almost impossible to find. :'(

    • Reenie

      TOOOOOTALLY agree with you! That’s one of the major reason why I love DA so so much! By the way! What firmness is your Orc? Picture? Picture (you don’t have to if you don’t want to!)?

      Ah…the James. I’ve been eye-ing it, but I’ve also been wondering if I’ll be able to handle it. It’s a itty bitty girthy for me based on the dimensions I’m reading on their site, but I have improved, so maybe I’ll be able to handle it… Will need to find out XD

      Sadly, I also don’t know why they left =( I didn’t even get to try any of their creations u.u

  • Harley

    I’ve bee wanted a Nereids from Tails and Portholes for a while. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Reenie

      Glad you’re liking it! Good luck to you! ^-^

  • Glossedovermary

    Decisions decisions. They are all so appealing!

    • Reenie

      Right?! I totally understand your dilemma here.

  • Asher Coldheart

    My favourite makers are the guys from Exotic Erotics. I means just look at this gorgeus toy they made for this giveaway and all the other high detailes badass customs and their stunning surprise options!

  • BlackAsphodel

    I can’t choose one favorite artisan, there are several I like equally: Exotic Erotics, Bad Dragon, Fucking Sculptures & Crystal Delights are just a few. I prefer unique looking toys, mostly big dildos & butt plugs (silicone & glass are my favorite materials.). As for a favorite toy, I’ve been wanting the Crystal Delights Minx Tail in Black Fox for a long time now.

  • Reenie

    There are actually a couple of places that do that. The artisans featured in this giveaway would all do custom work for their customers!

  • Reenie

    Ooooh! That silver looks really really nice! I wish my Orc was a bit firmer. The one I have now is too floppy XD

  • Bitsen

    I think my favorite sex toy artisan might be Frisky Beast? For silicone at least… I like so many of their designs and the customer interaction (frequent Q&A’s) just… make me feel good about them.

    Slick’s marbles are fantastic, though. and Sheep’s at Damn Average… killer. I love silicone.

    Shoulda Wooda’s wood is the best! I love pretty much everything thing I’ve seen him produce! There’s a lot of love in his craft, and he’s another person who’s online presence just gives me good feelings. I have a positive gut reaction as well as a positive critic’s reaction. c:

    Favorite toy, though.
    Urgh. I just. I can’t choose. I can’t. Uhm. I don’t have anything from Slick’s Dicks, but I have a swirly snail squish from Damn Average that i love, an Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy toy that I one from Shoulda Wooda that I love, and then my Hyaenodon from Frisky Beast that’s a textured silver beaut with some green around the base.

  • Lorra Hamrick

    I unfortunately have never had the pleasure or opportunity to try any of these one of a kind pieces, but the one I have the most interest in at he moment is Crystal Delights and Bad Dragon. Hopefully someday I will own something from them.

  • Reenie

    Oh! What happened to The Ash Girl?

  • Jess Ho

    I absolutely adore Tails n Portholes’ work, and I love their Nereid. ;;

  • Super Smash Cache

    I don’t have many artisan sex toys, but my favorite would be the Jollies Jollet by Chavez Dezignz. I hope her life soon stabilizes enough to restart her business.

    Nevertheless, it’s my favorite toy because 1.) it’s chunky, 2.) the puff balls suspended in clear silicone are cayOOOOT, 3.) it stimulates my G-spot damn well without irritating it, and 4.) it’s the toy that made me realize I COULD have extended, back-to-back orgasms.

  • TheMinxyMilly

    Guuuurrrrllll I hope you know you’re my best blogger friend. I miss you and I need to find a way to get you over to Aus for a holiday 😀
    I will feed you so much meat lol

    • Reenie

      AWWWWW <3 You've been gone for so long! It's great to see that you're back! I'd love to go to Aus…but…I'm way too scared of spiders!!! =S I DON'T WANT HUMONGOUS SPIDERS!

  • Sara

    I’m still a newbie but I’m a big fan of Exotic Erotics, Frisky Beast, and Lumberjill

  • Fabiana Green

    My favorite is definitely Necronomicox on Etsy. But I have never bought one before! I just really admire her work. She makes beautiful Cthulu-looking art dildos! With all of the sex toy artisans I admire, I just go to their websites to drool and add them to my Pinterest dildo wishlist. One day I will have them all!

    • Reenie

      Oooh! I actually didn’t really know about them! Thank you for introducing me to them! Their products are definitely extremely adorable!

  • sam, lord of the gay

    yooo awesome i didn’t even know about some of these

  • Archery Girl

    My favorite artisan would definitely have to be Tails and Portholes! I love how her items are aquatic themed, and her designs are beautiful, unique, and usable. Not to mention the gorgeous colors she uses!
    My favorite toy, that’s a real tough one. I’m waiting for my first order to arrive, so I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet!

  • Angel NavSua

    I am actually new to speak about these topics but I am becoming interested. In my country these kind of toys are becoming more and more popular but people do not know anything about designer’s toys.

    Thinks it is kind of a chance to let some now about it

  • Raine Dawson

    I’m not familiar with too many specialty artisans but I absolutely love my Fucking Sculptures Two-Cumber. It’s gorgeous and amazing to use.

  • Xylo

    picking a favorite is very hard for me! there’s so many I enjoy. i don’t own any from them myself, but i absolutely loved many of Blue Ritual’s designs and how well they poured the silicone colours together- I’m very sad to see them go!

    my favourite design would most likely be the orion, which i had hoped to buy but i guess i’m just going to have to try and hunt down a second hand one now!

  • Max

    FriskyBeast are quickly becoming my favorite Aritisan Dildo peeps!

  • Chessinn

    I’m so excited for this! I’ve wanted to get my hands on a Grabber for so long, but I was definitely tempted by the Cody Med. and the G-Spoon.

    Out of these six, which one was your favorite, according to your preferences?

    • Reenie

      Oh god…you’re asking me to make an impossible decision here… I can’t decide which one is my favourite! However, if I really absolutely had to choose, I’d probably say the Cody because I own one, and I know it’s good and the design is just too perfect.

  • Sophie Rose

    I really want the Fucking Sculptures G-Spoon (in green!! Soooo pretty!)…. but that Tails and Portholes Merman has the knot! The Silvarus and Lumberjill”s wooden toys both intrigue me also…. How to choose!

    I am going to sound silly right now but…. I’ve tried to research the Grabber and there isn’t a whole lot of information about it that I have found. What is the reason for the top portion? To be sort of like tentacles? Does it give you a specific feeling? Is it supposed to be more for anal or vaginal use?

    Or is it simply just a beautiful fantasy piece? That also makes sense to me… it is gorgeous….as is Lunabelle’s Grabber that i saw in the photo. All the different colors and blends and the ways they color or the added metallic or opal shine… the things that these artisans can do with the visuals of these dildos are amazing and look like art pieces alone.

    • Archery Girl

      Thank you for asking about the grabby! I have been wondering the same exact thing!

      • Sophie Rose

        I know, right? I looked and looked and looked, but I haven’t found any clear explanations. Plus, I don’t want to look silly by asking.

        • Archery Girl

          When it comes to bumps, ridges, odds and ends, I don’t think there really is a silly question. Everyone’s bodies are so different, even with another opinion, you just don’t know until you give it a whirl. I haven’t bought a dildo since before I got divorced, and with my current lack of a love life, I decided it’s high time I did! But with all of the different designs, sizes, and colors, it’s nearly impossible to choose!
          (I did pick out two to try 😉 )

        • Reenie

          To be honest, I’m not 100% sure either. But, what I know is that this toy was designed with the butt in mind, so maybe the top portion with those three thingy is supposed to expand after you insert it into the but, and it’ll sort of drag alongside the walls? I sadly don’t own a Grabby, and so I can’t say for sure =(

  • J-Hawk Brit

    These are some… interesting… choices.
    1. I’m new to toys so I don’t have a favorite one. I went for the G-Spoon because I’ve read nothing but good things about it.
    2. I’ve never been disappointed from by glass product from Icicles.

  • dv8

    One of my favorite artisans is Babes and Horny because I like the artistry of their designs. From their lineup, I’d pick the Redon. Or the Damian.

  • Sand

    My favorite is fucking sculptures cork screw. Not only is it gorgeous but it is a blast to use!

  • Formidable Femme

    I absolutely love Tails & Portholes! I have a Nereid I bought on a whim at a discounted price – there are a couple of bubbles, but besides that, it’s perfect! The colors on mine are absolutely incredible, which is super important to me in a sex toy. The texture is just the perfect amount also!

  • Myra

    *Eagerly awaits the name of the winners*

    • Achron Timeless

      Well, I can tell you who won the Cody. It’s sitting on my bookshelf.

  • Reenie

    HOLY MOLY WOW!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously, noone beats Sheep at marbling. Noone…

  • Reenie

    Hm, what is the AFE zone? I’m not too familiar with that. But! Definitely not for prostate. It’s not anal safe~ XD