Life of a Sheltered Child: Sex toys (Part II)

[This is a continuation of PART I.]

The following content might be offensive, aggressive, inappropriate, ignorant, and might induce anger. However, those are thoughts based on my personal experience. If I’m wrong, please do tell me so (in a nice way if possible). I would love to hear and learn from other points of views and experiences.

God created our bodies. God made us who we are. When we are hungry, it means we need food. When we are thirsty, we need water. Therefore, when we are horny, we need sex. If sex was a sin, then God shouldn’t have created these pleasurable organs. If these organs were only created for procreation, then we could have had that “certain feeling” or pleasurable sensation only when our body is ready to receive a child. When that child is conceived, the sensation should also go away – Just like eating (sensation of hunger goes away after consuming food).

Now, because we have these urges of pleasurable sensations, sex toys are created. Is that bad?

Well, let’s see.

God again, created our bodies. And we are beautiful just the way we are. But for some reasons, cosmetic exists. Fashion exists. Why is that?

Society created those products to 1) make money, but 2) to enhance our beauty as human beings.

Therefore, sex toys exist to 1) make money, but 2) to enhance pleasure inside our body.

In both cases, we are modifying who we really are by enhancing it. If sex toys are sinful, than so are cosmetics, cooked and well prepared food, fashionable clothes, modified liquid to imitate water, etc.

When there’s a natural craving inside your body, it’s because your body wants it and needs it. Is that normal? Totally.

However, as with anything else, that craving needs consideration. Just like you should consider healthy food vs. junk food, you should also consider healthy sex toys vs. toxic sex toys.

Now, do sex toys really replace partners?

Well, have you ever encountered that robotic voice when calling a big company because you want to ask a question? That robotic voice most of the time will ask you to click through a bunch of options, and if your question got answered, well “BYE AND NICE HAVING YOU WITH US!”.

That shit annoys me. Even if my question got answered… even if my problem got solved. Nothing compares to a real person answering my questions and communicating with me.

Same goes with sex toys. It is just different.

You could also think of flowers – Living flowers vs. Plastic flowers. Both are pretty. But both of them are just different. The sensation is different, the aura is different, the feeling is different. Everything is different.

Using sex toys will never replace the sensation received from another human being. It’s just impossible.

So please do not deprive yourself.

Our body is beautiful. Every part of it is beautiful. We should accept everything we have and everything we don’t have because that makes us who we are. There’s enough body shaming and body harm in our society. Please let’s not take this pleasurable side of our body and turn it into harm and sin.

Use sex toys to enhance that pleasure, and explore every aspect of your body.

There’s no harm in pleasure, you are not harming anyone with it (as long as consent is involved). When you are having sex with yourself, you’re giving yourself the most beautiful form of love.

And friends, this is how I came out from my shell and started exploring my life as a sex toy reviewer. I took my own body and desire in control, and looked pass the judging eyes of people around me.

That first step into a sex shop was miserable, but I did it. And it was relieving. It felt good.


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  • Secretly Sensuous

    Great thoughts here, Reenie!

  • Mandi

    Just stumbled across these posts, and I must say…I can’t wait for you to continue with this series! Your experience mirrors so much of my own. And while I’m sad that you also grew up surrounded by sexual negativity, I’m so very glad that you broke free from it! :)