Sex Toy Storage: How to hide my sex toys

I live with a mom, a dad (whom are extremely not fond of sex in general), and a little brother. So storing sex toys can be quite a pain in the ass sometimes.

In the beginning, I kept all my sex toys in brown cardboard boxes under my table, but my collection started to get big, and it started to get tricky to hide everything. I mean…the bottom of my desk was filled with so many boxes that I had no place to even put my feet.

Talk about discreetness.

So I went out and bought a three-drawer plastic cart, and I think this method is working.  For now.

sex toys storageBefore showing my actual sex toys storage, let me show you some of my wonderful winter socks.

Ok no, I’m joking. These are only illusions to protect my Sex Toys Kingdom from intruders.

But, when I open it up…

sex toys storageBoom! Another illusion – my underwears. Not something I was eager to share with everyone, but I needed something to burn off the curiosity of a mom. What could be better than my every day underwears?

Then below that bunch of craps (underwears < sextoys. No duh.) are, of course, my beautiful treasures.

sex toys storageThey are not placed in a certain orders, types, functions or preferences. They are just all shoved up in there. Each with their own storage bags.

The other two drawers are the same except that the first one is filled with white papers instead of socks and underwears, and the third one has my shower towel (with a bunch of toys and chargers stuck in between and at the bottom of it). As for lubes, I try to keep them in the first drawer. Or where ever that has a spot.

Now, I know this might not be the best storage way to hide sex toys when there are a bunch of people in the house. So I thought about sharing four other storage suggestions I used before switching to the plastic cart 1. Maybe it can spark some ideas.


Clothes and closets can become (if and only if no one fools around in your closet) one of your best friends for storing sex toys. Let me demonstrate.

sex toys storageThis is a very common hoodie, and any other clothes will do, but if you looked inside the hoodie you will find…

sex toys storage
Splash & Plunge

A plastic bag with toys inside.

To get this effect, hang a shopping plastic bag on the hanger. Then hang any random cloth you want (no spaghetti strap or strapless clothes) on top of the whole thing so that the plastic bag is inside the cloth.

Then start dropping those sex toys (and their chargers) in this very discreet shopping plastic bag. Just be careful not to fill the plastic bag so much to the point that the cloth looks as though it ate too much.


Not everyone likes to hang their clothes so the previous method also works with folded clothes.

sex toys storagesex toys storage

You can shove plastic shopping bags 2 filled with a couple of toys in between, or shove individual toys.

But this method is a little bit more trickier. Two warnings come with it.

1. Can’t have people rolling around in your folded clothes.
2. You HAVE to remember between which clothes you hid your toys… This is an obligation.

In case you fail in any of these two warnings, avoid storing glass sex toys. It will be too heart breaking to witness the accidental “oupsies” moment and see shattered glass pieces on the floor.


A little library can also become a great asset to storing sex toys.

sex toys storagesex toys storage

These are some of my elementary/high school books I used to read, but they retired. So nobody pays attention to these books anymore, and there’s this gap behind the books. What better than to provide this little gap as a hideout area for the sex toys to hang out?

The Comet Wand is a little lonely at the moment, but many more toys can be shoved behind there. Just remember to give an individual storage bag (such as Ziploc) to each of your toys (plus the charger if there’s one) so that you protect them from dust and other stuff. Let them have the party they deserve.


I’m a huge collector of stuffed animals, so a stuffed animal backpack works great for me.

sex toys storagesex toys storage

And because my bed is covered with stuffed animals, nobody will notice this kitty with a tummy full of dildos & vibrators.

sex toys storagePlease look pass the messy bed. Thank you.

The only downside with this storage is that it can’t hold up a lot. Just 3 to 4 dildos, or around 5 small vibrators with chargers. Lubes can be shoved in there too, but keep those wrapped in storage bags.


These are storage ways that works best for me.

I went through many observing and sneak peeking sessions to find what the people in my house were not interested in. So I knew my sex toys would be safe in those places.

So go observe, and find those sacred spots.

But first, I need to give you one last warning. Keep track of the different locations you stored your toys. Or else…well…happy hunting when you’re horny!


  1. the growing speed of my collection is starting to worry me
  2. those that you get while grocery shopping


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