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How To Clean: Jelly Sex Toys

 WARNING: Throw away any of those Jelly toys you have. It will only do good for you.  INFORMATION Jelly toys are made of PVC, which stands for Polyvinyl chloride, as well as some softening agents. This type of toy can often be identified by the diversity of their color as well …

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How To Clean: Silicone Sex Toys

   INFORMATION Silicones are polymers, which mean they are composed by a broad class of chemical elements . It is known to be one of the most popular sex toy materials due to the fact that it is non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, etc. However, these properties only apply when the toy …

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Lelo SmartWand Large

Review: LELO SmartWand Large

I once heard that “Lelo is the BMW of sex toys”. I couldn’t remember where I heard it or saw it, and who said it, but I couldn’t understand why this was said of Lelo. However, upon receiving my first Lelo packaging, I was mesmerized by its beauty. The packaging …

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How To Clean: ABS Plastic Sex Toys

ABS = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene   INFORMATION ABS plastic, also known as hard plastic, is a common thermoplastic that is phthalate free and hypoallergenic. Compared to standard plastic, it is somewhat of a more high-end material. This substance can be used between -20°C to 80°C . ABS plastic is the …

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iTap Egg

Review: iTap Egg

After playing around with the iTap Egg, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to hone my anger management skills. iTap Egg is one of those toys that likes to play with patience, and if you don’t have good great anger control, you might just throw this egg right …

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New Journey

So I’ve finally decided to start my journey as a “sex blogger“. Took me quite a long time to make this decision as I felt I knew absolutely nothing about this topic. But I’ve finally convinced myself that I don’t need to be an expert to share, explore and learn …

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