Let’s Hang Out at Woodhull!

It is finally official. I’m. Going. To. Woodhull! I’m so excited I can barely sleep!


I started planning this 7 months ago – since December 2014 peeps – and now, all of this is fiiiiinally coming to light (special thanks to Dangerous Lilly for all the help. What will I ever do without you?).

I feel I’m one step closer to my Blogtopia dream.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for these two of my favourite fantasy toy makersDamn Average and Frisky Beast.

These two companies, whom are (mostly) one-person managed companies, went out of their ways to help me sponsor my plane ticket to Woodhull, and I can’t thank them enough for all of this.

damn average fantasy sex toysfrisky beast fantasy sex toy

I now get to meet so many awesome peeps, such as Sandra from Shevibe, Metis from Tantus, the very beautiful Nina Hartley & Buck Angel, as well as a bunch of wonderful bloggers such as Dangerous Lilly, Lena, Artemisia FemmeCock, Crista Anne, and so many others!

Then I get to attend sessions and workshop to help educate this brain of mine, and I get to learn from the best of the bests such as Joan Price and other incredible idols!

Gaaaaaaaaah! Too excite!

I land on Wednesday, August 12th. So if you land on the same day, let’s go out on a date!

Or else, let’s hangout at the summit and squeal silently each time we brush pass Tristan Taormino. Let’s be awkward together and awkwardly smile at everyone that we see! Let’s stop for icecream, or have a pizza, or have a dildo fight or all of the options combined together!

So will I get to see you there? Yes? Yes? Yes? Let me know!

If not, you’ll be able to follow the event with the hashtag #SFS15! Or follow me on Twitter & Instagram to live this wonderful moment through me!

Again, thank you Damn Average & Frisky Beast!


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  • Angela

    One day, that too shall be me! I’ll def be following you ^_^