Lingerie for Smaller Bust – A Dream Coming to Light

Lingerie is a clothing category I never dared to touch. Just look at the advertisements or pictures out there – the people wearing them have boobs, have curves.

Me? I don’t have boobs or curves.

Whenever I had a piece of lingerie on me, I looked like a kid wearing clothing that is too big for me, and I looked horrendous in it. I looked like someone that wore the wrong suit on the wrong day in the wrong size.

However, one thing that’s different about lingerie from suits is that I can hide it behind clothes. I can hide my tiny barely existent boobs behind the scarcely fitting push-up bras and pretend to the world that “Hey! I have boobs!”

Yes. Boobs that can’t even fill up a 32A which, according to standards, are the smallest size that should ever exist. And this made me so ashamed.

I was so ashamed that when I took my clothes off, I hid my body from myself. I hid my breasts from myself. Scared to be constantly reminded that my boobs are abnormal, that I need to grow them up so that they can fit the social norm. I was so ashamed that when I took my clothes off, I hid my body from others. I hid my breasts from others. Scared to show the ones seeing me naked that I am a fraud, that what I have under my clothing is all fake.

I can totally just wear sports bra or a plain bra from the children section, I mean, I’ve been told multiple times that it’s the section I should be shopping in for my lingerie, but I don’t want to. It’s just different. They are plain.

I want my lingerie to be colourful. I want flowers, and ribbons, and laces, and decoration. Like Agent Provocateur style.

bra sets

I’m left to envy those that have the body to wear the pretty lingerie out there. So often, I would look at pictures, or advertisements, and wished to have a body like that. A body that’s adequate enough to wear this fashion that I so desire. So I forced myself to not pay attention to lingerie. I forced myself to forget that this is even fashion.

Occasionally though, my desire takes over my brain, and I start to believe that maybe, maybe this lingerie will fit me. Then I make a purchase that hits me right back on the head to remind me just how wrong I am.

One day, Pantophile Panic wrote something about “wearing correct bra size” on Twitter, and I got extremely curious. My hope spiked up and I immediately contacted them, thinking that maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all this time and that there’s a size out there that can actually fit me.

They guided me through the process, and after figuring out my true bra size, I was a little bit surprised. “30C?” I thought. There’s nothing smaller than 32A in the market, so where the hell am I going to find smaller sizes? I was in such disbelief that I asked around about this, and many replied “Well, yes, they exist!”

So I went out to different lingerie shop in my area to try the size out, but guess what? Not a single shop in my area carried the size I was looking for. Sadness and disappointment hit me again, and I thought “Reenie, you know what? Stop. Just stop. Why can’t you get it that this is not meant for you?”

For a whole long while, I again tried to forget about lingerie. I again made stupid purchases, and I again got reminded just how wrong my body was.

I tried desperately to find ways to make my boobs grow bigger by eating tons of papaya, and buying boob-growing serum, but nothing actually worked. It was all just a waste of money, and I slowly convinced myself that this is a lost cause. That I will be forever stuck with bras that never actually fully grasp my boobs. That I will be never able to wear lingerie the way they do.

Then recently, Beck, on Twitter, mentioned about helping friends find the correct bra size. I didn’t want to get too hopeful, but I inquired, and she linked me this.

I tried again, and this time it’s even worse. The first digit of my band size isn’t even a 3 anymore. It’s a 2, as in 26D. Twenty-six! Just seeing that number made my heart sink to the bottom of the ocean. I can’t even find 30. Where the hell am I going to find 26?

I started Googling, and of course, not a single place sold anything in the size 26.

Then I got angry, and I started to believe that all of this is impossible. Why is it that I’m so different and that nothing can fit my boobs? I can’t be the only one on earth with barely existent boobs that can’t fit in these standard sizes! I started looking around, looking at more lingerie, and lingerie reviews hoping to find someone that carries the same fate as me. Since I couldn’t find anything, I carried my inquiry to Facebook. There, Sangsara linked me to this, and it changed my life.

This place not only made me understand why my first sizing with the method Pantophile used (30C) is different from the second sizing method Beck used (26D), but it also made me see just how many out there are struggling with the same issue. It also showed me tons of different shops that carry the size 28 such as the Little Bra Company, ThirdLove, and there’s a whole list of them here. Of course, it’s definitely not size 26, but I’m hopeful. I’m so hopeful, that I’m ready to give all of this a try again.

This time, maybe, I won’t be pulled back down again. Maybe this time, this dream of mine will finally see the light of day.


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  • dizzygirl

    Hmmmm. I hope you can eventually find bras that fit. I have always been smaller boobed. I have average size (I guess) ones now 36B but that’s mostly because I’m a bit overweight. At my ideal weight I was like 32A. the number is the measurement around your chest… the band. The letter is the cup size.

    I hate to go out on a limb and guess but I would say that you are probably an A cup, as I was before I gained weight. And your number size is pretty small because you have a small frame. I really don’t think 30C or 26D is correct. But that’s just my assumption.

    I think it’s like a lot of things. Clothes are made to fit the average type body. Too big… tough luck. Too small… tough luck.

    I hope you can find a way to love your body the way it is. I know you desperately want to be able to wear all the pretty stuff but even if you can’t, your body is a gift and you should love it. :)

    • Reenie

      Hm….. according to this website I linked ( –> under the “SCHOCKED BY YOUR RESULTS?” section), the cup size is not static. A size B in let’s say 32 is not the same B in say size 38. Although both are B cups, they don’t hold the same volume.

      When I first started buying bras, I tried 34A, and although I could tighten the band, the cup is much much bigger than the cup from a 32A. This is a common misconception, and it is one I also had when I was looking into bras. Now I know that the letter after the band number doesn’t necessarily mean the bigness of the breasts, so it is quite possible that I need a 28C or 26D. Well, won’t know until I try!

      Thanks for the kind words. It really means a lot to me. I’ll definitely try to love my breasts more.

      • dizzygirl

        Whatever the outcome is, I hope you can find some lingerie that makes you feel good. I felt bad about my small boobs for a long time. They’re bigger now because I’m overweight but they still aren’t “big”. No matter what, I hope you can learn to love the body you have.

      • Adriana

        You’re right about it not being static.. this is something I only came to appreciate last year or so, and few people understand it.. which is probably why many of us aren’t comfortable in our bras.

        Some of the calculators are pretty odd, too. One recently told me I’m an F. Not likely! There’s too much coverage with a C cup.. but I like the cleavage! LOL

        Another thing I’ve recently come to appreciate is that fit, well, it’s more about comfort and less about size.

        Good luck regardless!

  • Heaven

    I too had a hard time finding bras for myself as well. I am a 38C, I do the 38 band because it is comfortable for me to wear. I used to be a 32A long time ago before I even had kids and used to be skinny as all hell. That is now not the case. I even still have a hard time finding bras that I enjoy wearing that fit me well. When I get one I get comfortable with it. Even with lingerie I have a issue finding pieces that will fit me well.

    I hope you have luck in finding what is right for your size. It is out there, finding it is the issue.

  • Naynaysayer

    Okay, sooo coming from someone who has similar problems and LUUURVES her TLBC bras, I think you should know the following things about TLBC:

    1.) Their priority is for you to find a bra that fits. So, if you have the means, you can buy more than one size or style at once and ship the other ones back within 30 days and they’ll refund you, no questions asked. Sooo you could get, say, a 28B and 28C and see which one works better for you.

    2.) As you mentioned, a 28C tightened down would have the same volume as 26D.

    3.) HOOWWEEVER, the bands for the TLBC bras that I’ve tried (Sascha) are super stiff. You might not even have to alter the 28C, because the TLBC bras don’t only come in a wider range of sizes on the small end– they also run a little tight for their labeled size.

    Anywho, I’m pretty much in the same boat. My ideal size is 28D. TLBC doesn’t stock it, so I buy 30Cs from them (or 34As and 32Bs from other brands) and get the band and gore altered. And, sure, it’s a bit extra effort, but it’s so worth it. Honestly. When you find a bra that fits right, it just makes the rest of your clothes feel that much better.

    I got that much more excited after trying on my new go-to bra (the one in my Disqus icon, actually) because, waaooouuu, a correctly fitted push-up bra => actual support => cleavage! I, someone who previously also assumed 32A was the only size she could wear because it was the smallest “normal” size, HAD CLEAVAGE! We petite women are told we have nothing to push up, and that’s BS. You can see from my Instagram selfies circa 1 year ago that the assumption is BS.

    Tl;dr I love this company and I genuinely wish you luck. Don’t give up! You’ll find pretty stuff that makes you glad to be you. All it takes is one “Goldilocks” bra to make you go, “DAYUM, I JUST WANT TO THROW ALL MY OTHER BRAS AWAY AND BUY SOMETHING FROM THIS BRAND IN EVERY COLOR.”

    Okay, I’m done with my zealous gushing and raving. At the end of the day, pretty clothes are decoration for the glory that is your human body, and hell yeah, you deserve something that makes you feel good and does you justice.

    • Reenie

      Woah~ Thank you for all these information!!!! Which bra are you wearing in your Disqus icon? And, do you recommend any other companies? Gosh, this is getting exciting, and I really can’t wait to get my new sets! GAAAAAH!

      • Naynaysayer

        This is the one in my picture, with black lace:

        As for other companies… Lily of France is a really mainstream one whose cup fitting works for me. Like, if I alter a 34A to a 28 band, in most brands, the cup ends up being a awkward shape or positioning on me. But some of LoF’s cups are a really nice shape for petite builds, with cleavage and lift and all, so shortening the band and gore isn’t a big deal.

        • Reenie

          Ah. Hm. Very interesting! Thanks for the infor! Also, do you own any other bras from TLBC?

  • Emmeline Peaches

    I can totally relate to this but I’m on the opposite size of the spectrum. My cup & band sizes are so large that they’ve gone beyond ‘appealing’ and have gotten to that end of the spectrum where mostly there’s only frumpy options that are incredibly limiting and dis-empowering.
    I too gave up on lingerie for a very long time.
    In the end it was only through 1 or 2 clothing stores deciding to stock for larger sizes that I started getting my confidence back. Still my nice bra collection is limited and bra shopping is hell. It’s a struggle.
    I hope you find something that helps you get some peace of mind.

    • Reenie

      Ugh. I’m so sorry you’re going through something similar. But it’s great to see that some shops are starting to stock a wider spectrum of sizing! I’ve also found a couple of shops, and have made some purchases! I can’t wait to try them on and start this new journey! XD

  • Polly

    I’ve always had the same problem finding pretty bras that fit. For me it was a massive revelation when I let go of wearing padded and underwired bras, and embraced my small boobs for what they are. I found great bras at (some of them are cute as hell) and urban outfitters (though I don’t like UO as a company so I started steering clear of them). I seem to be somewhere between a 28-32 A-C and I’ve found great fitting bras at both these stores. I’ve found it so much easier to get non-padded bras and non-wired bras to fit me comfortably, and since I found where to get pretty ones I have been so much happier about my whole boob-bra situation.

    • Reenie

      Ah! Super sorry for the mega delayed reply, but I only recently acquired a non-padded and non-wired bra. I’m still not confident enough to wear it outside =/ Do you know if size 6 in topshop is smaller than 32A? I checked their sizing guide, but there was no information on there.

      • Polly

        Eeee, no worries :)
        Their UK 6 is the same as a US 2. It’s about a 31 inch bust on the label. BUT I always find their sizes run small in general, and when another company’s 32A doesn’t fit me Topshop’s generally will.
        To the US they do free shipping and free returns. Not sure if it’s the same in Canada.

        When I got the confidence to wear a non padded bra I was sooo much more comfortable. Until I got my nipples pierced; that complicated the situation and I’m searching for a better solution again (because I don’t want padding, but I don’t want the world to be staring at them through 5 laters of clothing either).

  • Camryn Jones

    You know how much I relate to this. Just finding normal bras is a pain with small breasts, so whenever I look at lingerie I feel a bit frustrated.

    Just remember that you’re beautiful no matter what :-)

  • Rubbernerd

    Huh I never knew that bra sizing and aesthetic issues applied to smaller bra sizes. I’m on the larger end of the spectrum and there’s the exact problem with functional bras being ugly as sin and cute ones a size or two away. I wonder who sets bra sizes…

  • disqus_IQRzI9OmtX

    I’m Asian, and I wear a 30H. As a teen, I used to be like a 28GG, at one time a 26FF… So even though it’s not the same, I can sort of relate to never finding anything that fits!
    Anyways, I’m leaving a comment because I wonder if you’ve ever seen the blog “Of Lambs And Lace” ? I think she’s a similar size to you (30B/28C) and she has the most beautiful photos and lingerie and it’s gorgeous and I’m so jealous! Also she does reviews and brand recommendations, which might be helpful? Good luck!

    • Reenie

      I actually did! A week or so after posting this post. Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I’ve ordered a couple of custom ones through her recommendation, and will be posting reviews of them…soon. I hope.

      Yikes…I think 30H are even harder finds than 28C =S I’m sorry you’re going through this as well u.u I really hope the industry will realize one day that not everyone fit in those “standard” sizes. At least, there are tons of indie shops that are willing to modify the sizes on demand!

  • zaphod1

    I LOVE small breasted women!