Review: Jopen Comet Wand

Jopen Comet WandIt took me eight months, eight freaking months to conquer the Comet Wand. My vagina is finally becoming a boss, but damn did it take a lot of crying, bruised vagina, and courage.

It was somewhere in August 2013 when the Comet Wand entered Sextopia. Back then, the Comet Wand and I just didn’t click. I hated it: I hated how it made my body felt, I hated how it made me scared, and I hated how it made my body react. If I had published my review back then, I would have trashed it. It just didn’t work for me. The number of times I curled into a ball in tears and the number of times I just wanted to give up is unimaginable.

Each time I inserted the Comet Wand inside my vagina, it was pain – no matter how I warmed myself up, no matter what I did. I could have well had three orgasms as a warm up and still felt pain when inserting the Comet Wand. I could have had a penis shoving inside my vagina for an hour before inserting the Comet and still felt pain. I could have used the Hippocampus, or Bruiser, or Echo, which are all girthy toys, prior to using the Comet Wand, but still pain. Nothing seemed to work.

At some point, I thought it was because my g-spot wasn’t warmed up enough, so I started using curved toys such as the Ella, Pure Wand and Double Drop, but this made the problem worse. As I inserted the Comet Wand inside of me, I could feel the bulb punching my upper vagina wall. It seemed to be fine at first, but then I felt a sharp pain. Then when I thought everything was fine, blood dribbled out of my vagina and I freaked the hell out.

I eventually took the courage to pull the Comet Wand out, but that traumatized me. At that moment, I just wanted to give up on this toy, give up on my own body, and give up on the review itself.

I avoided the Comet Wand like the plague since then. It was always on my desk, but I never touched it, nor did I pick it up to use it. I washed it thousands of times thinking that maybe today is the day, but I never had the courage to use it.

Then in April, after a session with the Cuddle, I suddenly got curious and picked the Comet Wand up. I splashed lube all over the bulb, and slowly inserted it inside of me.


The bulb felt perfect on my g-spot area. Not too big, not too small. It’s also very filling. I didn’t even need to clench my muscle to feel the bulb pushing with all its force on my g-spot. The silicone covering the bulb also brought an extra drag to the toy making it grip my upper wall which made my g-spot extremely content.

I didn’t have to shove the Comet Wand, nor did I have to move it much, but in a couple of short minutes, liquid gushed out of my vagina. With each tiny movements I made with the Comet Wand, liquid came out, and my g-spot felt like in heaven.

Since then, this thing made me squirt every single time. No matter what. It feels like it’s forcing the orgasm out of me. I barely need to do anything for my vagina to be gushing liquid.

Even if the Comet Wand and I started on the wrong terms, I have to say that this is the best g-spotting toy out there. The curve is absolutely amazing, and the bulb’s size is just perfect. The little drag of the silicone adds that little bit of punch to make the whole toy perfect. However, if you have no idea about what a g-spot is, or if you have not discovered it yet, try the Lelo Ella first. It is much smoother and gentler on the g-spot. Though the Comet Wand is mind blowing, it is definitely not fit for those that have only started exploring the body. I don’t want you to go through what I went through. So start slowly, and when you really feel you are ready, and you’ve learned about your g-spot enough, get the Comet Wand. It is worth sex toys

Thanks PinkCherry!
[Comet Wand is currently out of stock for the Canadians! However, you can get the Comet II, a vibrating version of the Comet Wand and visit my Sales & Promotion page to get discount]

This item was sent to me, free of charge by PinkCherry, in exchange of my honest opinion.


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  • Emma

    So happy for you and proud of you!! Finally conquered the beast!!!

  • Camryn Jones

    I’m sad that you had so much trouble with it, but so happy it worked out in the end! ^-^
    Go you! Comet for ever!

  • Penny

    I was overwhelmed the 1st time I used the Comet too–not to the point of bleeding but it did feel uncomfortable. But the next time I used it was pure magic…and the next time, and next time… :)

  • Victoria Reuveni

    This does not in the least deter me from wanting to try the Comet, but it’s good to remember that all bodies are different and to be patient.

  • Heaven

    I am glad to hear you liked this one, I have been wanting one for the longest time. But sorry to hear the first time did not work out so well for you either, ouch!

  • TheMinxyMilly

    This makes me want to try my comet wand again. I am not a fan of it, but I still haven’t had a g-spot orgasm, so that may be why lol.

  • Jpeg

    This toy and the Njoy Pure Wand interest me so much. I’ve been really curious about g spot orgasms.

    • Reenie

      If you’re not too familiar with your G-spot, maybe starting with a Pure Wand or something like a LELO Ella will be better because the small bulb of the Pure Wand and the tip of Ella is much smoother on the G-spot than the Comet Wand. If you do ever try a G-spot toy, let me know how you like it!

  • SweetWomanDirtyMind

    I’m glad you persevered, because I got to read this amazing review and now I’m lusting after this toy. I hope I win your giveaway!

  • apricot

    I eventually gave my Comet wand away because it was just so high-maintenance, it took me forever to warm up to it. I guess it just didn’t really agree with my body!

    • Reenie

      Ya…that bulb is not forgiving. It feels super huge.

  • dana martin

    Oh my it looks so cute I would have never thoughtto be scared of it..but now I kind of am. :-/

  • Bitsen

    I am soooo glad that I read this review before I got my hands on my own comet; I had very similar first time experiences with the toy. I was disappointed with myself initially, but I had the benefit of an imagined pep talk from you. So thanks for that!!

    • Reenie

      Oh you already got this toy? Did it finally work for you?

      • Bitsen

        I do! Got it secondhand off of another reviewer; Well, I’m closer than where I started, and it has been fun, so I suppose so. c:

  • trix23

    I’ve been afraid of it for fear that it wouldn’t fit (some shapes that
    fit in glass don’t in silicone for me, the Ophoria Beyond One being an
    example), and I wondered if the drag would be uncomfortable…

    • Reenie

      I definitely heard people say that the drag can be a little bit annoying as you’ll need a ton of lube. Apart from that, I’m not sure. The silicone is really similar to the ones you find on LELO toys, so I don’t know if you know how that feels. If those silicone works well with your anatomy/skin, then I guess it can be good.

      The shape can also become a problem. The curve and round shape can get hooked onto your pubic bone depending on where it is situated.

  • dv8

    Heh, I saw a couple of door handles that look just like the Comet.

  • Reenie

    What do you mean? =(

  • Reenie

    Ah how well I understand your situation =( I seriously wish I knew what made my vagina suddenly become so friendly with the Comet Wand. Well, at least it’s pretty!

  • Mist

    Oh man, that is horrifying. Hats off to your dedication, holy shit. I’ve been curious about this toy since I first heard of it, particularly because I prefer silicone over glass. That this is a hybrid always made me wonder if it’d work better for me than other things (like say, the pure wand). Is the drag of the silicone similar to the drag you typically find with Fun Factory toys?

    • Reenie

      Hm…don’t be surprised, but I don’t own any Fun Factory toys, so I sadly can’t compare it to them…But from what I remember (I did touch a couple of Stronic Eins from friends), the silicone is much softer and smooth.

      • Mist

        Haha, ok, I won’t. So, you remember the Eins being smoother, or did I read that wrong?

        • Reenie

          Oups! Sorry, I meant to say the Comet Wand is much more smoother!

          • Mist

            Ooh, kk! That’s good to know, thank you :)

  • bethdoeswhat

    I’m so glad you feel the same. I bought this toy recently because I heard it was so good. I had the Lelo Mona 2 before which was awesome but felt like it wasn’t quite the right shape to really get to my G-spot.