Review: Liberator Fascinator Throe

liberator Fascinator Throe reviewThe Throe impacted my life as strongly as Jesus Christ revolutionized the world. Ever since the Liberator Throe appeared, my life have been divided into two time period – Before Dildoholiday (BD) and After Dildoholiday (AD).

Life in the year BD was good. The Throe didn’t exist 1, and common to a lot of couples/relationships, sex always, well attempted to always involve towels or used t-shirts. Paper tissues were often forgotten and my partner and I had to resort cleaning ourselves with whatever else we could find. It was, as it seemed then, easy and fun. I mean, this is part of the sex process, right? Giggling while panicking because genital fluid is escaping towards the bed sheet, and stressing out because you’re trying to stop it in its track while your partner is desperately and frantically searching for something to catch and terminate the fluid. All of this is part of the fun.

liberator throe review fluffy sideI knew the Throe existed then, but I really didn’t see the need in it. I mean, it’s so expensive, and I have to wash it, and it’s just an extra hassle. I’d rather stick with those basic materials – tissue papers, towels, garbage, and that is all. Keeps my life simpler, and better.

Then Dildoholiday happened.

The moment it happened, my life immediately went through a 180 degree change. The never existent Throe was now everywhere. It was used during every possible occasion. It was the ritual starter of every Dildoholiday crew’s sexual events.

At first, I thought it was a complication, but as time went on, I got converted. It made my first time masturbating with someone extremely fun; it made my first time getting naked in front of friends really comfortable, and it made my first time fingering a vagina tremendously amusing. I don’t even dare to say how much lube I used during all these sessions. It was probably more than all my masturbation session combined! Even so, pouring lube in such a way felt freeing, and I emotionally felt very satisfied. By the end of Dildoholiday, I knew I needed a Throe in my life, and ASAP.

liberator fascinator throe velvet side

Now, whenever I get on the Throe, I have an urge to majorly dude-spread and contaminate the entire spot with my goo. Lying on it also feels 1000 times more comfortable because it’s fluffy and soft. It’s as if I’m an almighty goddess masturbating on a very luxurious bed sheet.

Sex also became simpler. I’m able to just wipe my hand on the bed within my vicinity without stopping my oral sex performance. I’m also able to just watch the sperms swim off my belly right onto the Throe without stressing out. All of this is seriously worth the extra hassle, which is just to put the Throe in the washing machine at the same time as washing bed sheets (not that complicated).

liberator fascinator throe silky sideAlthough now I’m fully converted to the Throe, I still sadly have a complaint. Liberator seemed to have stopped producing the mega fluffy Throe that Aerie have, and I strongly believe that it is better than the current one that Liberator is selling. The fluffy one doesn’t have the paper sound when moved too much, and it is much fluffier. And I like fluffy.

So should you still get the Throe even if it’s not that fluffy? Yes. Yes you should. It will change your life. Instead of worrying about cleaning up after each session, you can just roll on the Throe with your partner like a human sushi roll. There will be no more wet spots on the bed at night and you will be able to consider yourself a superhero for saving on tissue papers. Sex will be panic-less, and I think these are good enough reason for you to convert into a Throe owner.

Thanks Liberator!
You can get the Liberator Fascinator Throe at Shevibe!

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This item was sent to me, free of charge by Liberator, in exchange of my honest opinion.


  1. only in my life


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  • Epiphora

    Ah, #dildoholiday, when lube flowed like water…

  • Aerie

    It’s a bummer they don’t make the megafluff Faux Fur Throe anymore! It was a little over the top expensive, but I love it so much. Your reviews always make me laugh 😀 SPREAD YOUR GOO!

    • Reenie

      WHY DID THEY STOP MAKING IT!!!! Maybe they are thinking of a way to keep it fluffy but cheaper?! That’s why they took it down?! I’m hoping…

  • Heaven

    I still have yet to get one and every time I read one of your reviews on them I want one more. You always make me chuckle when you do your reviews with the things you say. Maybe one day I will get one.

  • Camryn Jones

    I’ve taken to using actual throws when I’m likely to squirt, but I realize this is just a temporary solution. *laughs*

  • Mist

    The throe is a complete game changer, man. I was always hesitant to get one – do I really need it, do I really want to invest that much in a blanket – the answer is yes. Because it’s not just a blanket.

    I did “cheap out” in the sense that I got the mini one, as a way to try it out, but the first time I used it, realized immediately that I need the full size at some point. What really surprised me is how SOFT it is. Feels so great and luxurious against my skin. I’ve gotten so incredibly spoiled when it comes to masturbation lol

  • Jpeg

    That throe sounds so awesome and who doesn’t love fluffy stuff?

  • Reenie

    Ugh. Yuck. So sorry that there’s absolutely nothing in your country that allows you to squirt majestically =( But! I did remember someone telling me that they wrote a post about how to DIY one! If I find that post, I’ll let you know!

    • I_R

      That would be awesome! Thank you. Maybe there’s something like PUL fabric inside. It hasn’t crossed my mind to make my own :)

  • TheMinxyMilly

    I am honestly so damn jealous of your dildoholiday lol.

    I am going to win the lotto and host a Dildo Holiday Down Under 😀

    • Reenie

      Dildoholiday was hands down the best thing that ever happened in my life. I’m praying that it will happen again soon!

  • Archery Girl

    This sounds so handy, and awesome! It doesn’t show any spots with such a dark color?

    • Reenie

      It doesn’t! Surprising, eh?

      • Archery Girl

        That’s kind of mind boggling, actually!!!