Review: Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

tenga vacuum cupYou really should have seen his face when he opened up the package and was faced with the TENGA Vacuum CUP. After trying the TENGA Flip Hole Red, my boyfriend became obsessed with TENGA. Surprising him with this little package made him squeal like a little five years old receiving a Christmas present. But those eyes deemed as soon as he shoved his dick inside that cup.

As a man that only needed his lefty and righty and thought that no masturbator would be good enough for him, the TENGA Flip Hole Red spoiled him – to the point that now he would not masturbate without it. But that’s only because his penis is a crazy fan of texture; the Vacuum CUP fails miserably at this.

With a length of 6”, the Vacuum CUP, as he described it, fits him perfectly, and the overall outside shape of the toy allowed him to grab it with ease. What I love the most about this toy is that it is disposable. So even though it is made of TPE, the accumulation of gems/bacteria is not really a concern 1.

Manipulating this toy was a slightly bit more complicated than the standard lube-shove-thrust-thrust-thrust. You actually have to go through several steps: One, remove the wrapping seal. Two, remove the seal at the top of the CUP for the suction. Three, remove the cap, and then you can continue with the routine. What’s good though is that you won’t need any lube as it’s already pre-lubricated, and you can just toss it away when you’re done (No cleaning!).

tenga vacuum cup textureWhen I questioned my boyfriend about the texture of the Vacuum, he simply replied: “Meh, it’s just a bunch of ridges and waves” that feels slightly similar to a pair of lips and a blowjob. And with his discerning penis that only craves for texture, the Vacuum CUP just didn’t blow his mind.

I had to know why.

As the nagging girlfriend, I inspected and bugged him for the next three days to actually understand and make him spill out a secret he was not willing to share. The reason behind his dislike is due to the fact that… (hope le boyfriend isn’t reading) his shaft was not long enough for the tip to actually touch the top of the cup. It slightly rubbed, but not enough for him to actually feel the last bit of texture, making him not able to sense all the stimulations from the Vacuum with every thrust.

What he liked though, is the tightness from the masturbator, which was much tighter than what he previously experienced. And unlike what I initially thought, the suction technology doesn’t make the Vacuum tighter – It makes it suck on your member to the point that it could start feeling like light biting. So use that suction wisely.

If you’re a crazbulous fan of texture, the Vacuum CUP might not be that masturbator you’d store about 20 in your drawer. But if you want to taste and have a small introductory 101 course to masturbators, this could be a great option. Because $10 for a tester like this? Quite worth it.

Get your Cup at SexToysCanada (Use code REENIE for 10% off),
Shevibe (US), or Lovehoney (US)!

This item was sent to me, free of charge, by TENGA, in exchange of my honest opinion.


  1. please just throw it after one single use – don’t be a hugger


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