Black Friday + Extended Cyber Sex Toy Sale

There are already too many sales going on, and too many posts written about them, so I’m not going to rant too much about those. But there’s this one particular sale I want to give attention to because conversion rates simply rocks and I know I have a lot of US readers, so here’s the deal.


cyber 2015 sex toy sale

It doesn’t look much, but with the conversion rate, you get deals like this:

It’s about a 45% discount sitewide! How can I not mention this?! Just remember to use the code CYBER during checkout!


come as you are black friday sex toy sale 2015

On the surface, it’s a 20% discount, but if you calculate the conversion rates in, it’s similar to a 40% discount sitewide! They also have a ton of things that SexToysCanada don’t stock!

Such as:

Just remember to use the code BIGDREAMS during checkout!

For the Canadian folks, since EVERYTHING in the US are mega expensive now, I guess Pinkcherry is a better place to shop with the 30% discount with the code CYBER30 ($91CAD for a Pure Wand!). However, they don’t stock a lot of the things anymore, but it’s still cheaper than purchasing from the US.

That’s about it! I have a list of other sales, but these are the ones I absolutely had to mention.

Now go spoil your genitals! And, if you want, let me know what are some goodies you got for yourself (or anyone else)!


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  • Tzipora

    My goodies are arriving and I went a bit crazy! I’m OBSESSED with my new TieBright Mustang. Obsessed. Holy gosh, it’s by far the best dildo my vagina has ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Haha. Also bought a Doxy Skittle but I’m kind of meh on it and still working out what I think.

    Tomorrow my orders from Tantus and Liberator will be here! Dildos, butt plug, a throe and the Wing toy mount. I went nuts. Haha. A very happy Hanukkah for me. 😛

    Did you pick up anything awesome?

    • Reenie

      Holy wow! You really did buy a bunch of amazing stuff! What kind of Tantus toys did you get? And what other goodies did you get? I sadly didn’t get anything this time due to my lack of desire in any kind of loving/sexual stuff =( my body have been very weird.

      • Tzipora

        Aww. I started a reply to your post about your body and desire issues but my reply got rather long and I got distracted. But suffice to say I’ve been through all sorts of different issues with regards to both desire and sexual response, mental and physical. So I empathize. And the number one piece of advice, or just thing I’ve observed to be true is that some combination of both time and effort (and the effort part by no means has to be constant. It’s okay to just not do anything sexual for a long period of time), things will change. And maybe they will be different but you’re not broken or damaged or anything. And oh boy, I know it’s easier said than done but not beating yourself up for what you can’t do or how it just isn’t the way it used to be, that helps too.

        Anyway, yeah I got so much stuff. Haha. I was so indecisive with Tantus I missed the better deals ultimately. Like between the buy two grab bags, get one free and the buy one, get one free plus Epiphora’s code for the free plug or dildo I was looking at 6 dildos and 3plugs for $100ish which was absolutely insane and I was like “I do not need all of this!” So ended up with the 40% so the same $100ish got me the G-Force, the Meteorite plug and the Curve. Plus I begged for the tiny dildos that was part of Piph’s code (which had expired by then) and they were kind enough to send me some. Haha. Kind of bummed the G-Force is way more bendy than I expected. I’m disabled and I loved the handle idea but already had a regular Goddess (so why get a Goddess handle) and I missed out on the Echo Handle grab bag. Then I also finally held a Pure Wand and realized that was impossible heavy for me… So G-Force looked like a fabulous alternative. Haven’t used it yet because I’ve been unwell this week but maybe it will still work well enough.

        Had a whole theme I guess since G-Force and the mini size Throe and I picked the Curve because it was a bit shorter (I’m petite and seem to have a shallower vagina) and seemed like it would be good in the Liberator Wing toy mount (especially if I want to lay across it vs straddle it upright). The Mustang will rock in that too I’m sure. So I had a plan, vaguely. Haha. Also grabbed a case from Liberator that’s big enough to store a Magic Wand. Was sick of basically wrapping a ziplock over its head to store it or travel with it.

        But yeah beyond the Mustang and the Skittle which came at the end of last week. I haven’t gotten to try any of these yet.