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bad dragon winstons tail review

Review: Bad Dragon Winstons Tail – A Personal Girth Trainer

The struggle is real. Each time the Winstons Tail is doing crazy things inside of me, all I want to do is rush to the computer and rave about how good it is as soon as I’m done. However, each time I orgasm with this thing, all I want to do is hide my head between my legs and wonder “Ugh why?! Why me?!” I seem to be cursed with this you-will-love-but-your-orgasms-will-suck spell.

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bad dragon bruiser

Review: Bad Dragon Bruiser the Fusion

My vagina is becoming a champ, I tell you. If there was an Olympics for Vaginas, mine would be so ready to join (come on, it’s never a sin to dream big right?). Three months into intense training and working out, and I’m finally seeing some results – I got the knot in. THE knot. That legendary Bad Dragon size 6.5” god damn knot!

Ok, I lied.

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