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picobong moka review

Review: Picobong Moka

Picobong Moka spiked my curiosity when I first saw it. My mind was immediately like: “OMG! A VIBRATING LELO ELLA?! Deal! It’s mine!” But when I noticed that it required two AAA batteries to operate, my brain shoved the Moka out of my memory, and I carried on with my life. I mean… There’s no way that a toy requiring AAA battery was going to be powerful or rumbly or even feel good, right?

But I was wrong.

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shiri zinn cupcake


In the end, I still needed to put THIS shit near my vulva. THIS as in this wannabe-vibrator Cupcake. It’s so bad that I can’t restrain myself from calling it a shit.

You see, the Cupcake wasn’t meant to go in between my legs. After winning this from a giveaway, I was going to use it as an extra accessory for my stuffed animals as well as a little decoration for my room (you do need to agree with me that this polka-dotted little cupcake is still cute to some extent). But as a sex toy? Really? You must be kidding me.

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california exotics entice ella

Review: California Exotics Entice Ella

I’m having such a difficult time getting this review done. Not because there’s anything wrong with this toy, but I can’t find any words to describe it. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. It doesn’t rock my world like my most loved ones, but it doesn’t suck to the point I want to throw it at the wall. It’s just…plain, and contains all the elements that my vulva is kind of indifferent to.

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lovehoney sqweel 2

Review: Lovehoney Sqweel 2

Lovehoney Sqweel 2 really didn’t appeal to me at first. It was not a toy I added to my wishlist upon seeing it. I mean…what is it? A fan to air the vulva, penis, or butt hole? Or a paddleboat’s wheel?

Anyways, that first encounter with Sqweel 2 was fast forgotten. Until, one day, I randomly saw a big huge sign saying “THE WOLD’S BEST-SELLING ORAL SEX TOY” for the Sqweel 2. Wait what? THIS is actually an oral sex toy? Ok Lovehoney. You caught my attention. Give that to me. NAOW!

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Rocks Off RO-140

Review: Rocks Off RO-140MM

The bigger the better, right? That’s what I thought when I first saw RO-140mm, the big daddy of RO-80 bullet. Not only does RO-140mm requires one more N battery than RO-80, but the whole toy seems so much more bawss! With that one extra battery, I expected it to be as powerful as my all-time favorite little bullet. But the moment I pressed on that power button, I told myself…

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mini wanachi review

Review: Pipedream Mini Wanachi

Another disappointing wand massager. It was just not up to my standards especially after reading all the raving reviews about how the vibration of this little thing is “ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL” and “EVERY WOMEN NEED ONE”. But then what can I expect from a $15-$20 toy. Yes, that’s pretty cheap, and …

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iTap Egg

Review: iTap Egg

After playing around with the iTap Egg, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to hone my anger management skills. iTap Egg is one of those toys that likes to play with patience, and if you don’t have good great anger control, you might just throw this egg right …

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