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Jopen Comet Wand

Review: Jopen Comet Wand

It took me eight months, eight freaking months to conquer the Comet Wand. My vagina is finally becoming a boss, but damn did it take a lot of crying, bruised vagina, and courage.

It was somewhere in August 2013 when the Comet Wand entered Sextopia. Back then, the Comet Wand and I just didn’t click. I hated it: I hated how it made my body felt, I hated how it made me scared, and I hated how it made my body react. If I had published my review back then, I would have trashed the Comet Wand.

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ttamage small curved


The Small Curved is comparable to the feeling of eating a huge piece of cake. I love cakes, and I often crave for them, but cakes only taste good on the first few bites. For me anyways. Then when I get near the end of a big piece, I kind of get a bit fed up. I would shove the last bits into my mouth as best as possible to avoid the heart-breaking wastes. With a big smile of course.

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crystal delignt mini plug

Review: Crystal Twist Mini-Plug

This toy leaves me completely speechless with its beauty and texture. Need I say more? Just look at it……

Ok. The picture really doesn’t do justice and I wish technology was more advanced so that you can actually see and feel the real thing from the picture. But too bad for you. You can get as envious as you want while I get to touch and play with it all day. In my hands that is.

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