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spunk lube hybrid

Review: Spunk Lube Hybrid

Get ready to sit down with your vagina to discuss about some serious matter you’re about to face. The Spunk Lube Hybrid you’re inquiring about at the moment contains Glycerin. If you have a penis, it doesn’t really matter, it won’t affect you much. But if you own a vagina, my friend, well consider this seriously.

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sliquid stimulating o gel


Sliquid is the shit (in a good sense). I absolutely love them. But this Stimulating O Gel is… I don’t know. I’m really tempted to just scream “I LOVE THIS STIMULATING O GEL, GO BUY IT!” out of pure love for Sliquid, but that’s not really how it works right?
Because the truth is…I’m a little disappointed by it. Not by Sliquid, but by this whole clitoral stimulating gel thing.

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Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

Review: Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

I avoid writing reviews for lubes. Not because they are useless or boring, far from that – I don’t write them because I don’t have much requirements. My vagina can’t discern any differences, and so as long as they don’t contain any toxic chemicals, my vagina is happy. As for my butt, its happy with anything my vagina is content with.

Now you might think with this one requirement, I still have an abundance of lubes to choose from. Funny, because I was narrowed down to only Sliquid

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