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tantus charmer review

Review: Tantus Charmer

The Tantus Charmer is like the perfect date. The one that clicks with you instantaneously the moment you meet. The one that woes you with a single look. The one that respects you and you’re boundaries. In short, the perfect being you’ve only heard people talk about as they were in love.

But just like any of those way-too-perfect situations, there’s always a twist.

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Feeldoe Slim Tantus

Review: Feeldoe Slim

Holy shitty wow. I never had this much difficulty writing a review. Ever.

See, I absolutely adore the Feeldoe Slim. When I first used it, I danced around my room in Gangnam style while wiggling my dick. I checked myself out in the mirror and told myself “Damn, I have the most magnificent dick in existence; I could totally get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most beautiful dick.” I sat butt naked for an hour stroking the Slim, admiring the glossy and shiny silicone. I then fucked myself with it and was so happy with what it could do to my g-spot that I wanted to run on a rooftop and scream “I LOVE MY FREAKING BLUE DICK”…but I can’t. I just can’t…and I HATE how I can’t.

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tantus comet

Review: Tantus Comet

I almost quit.

This monster from outer space really brought chaos into my vulva making it act in such a gibberish way that I had no idea how to understanding it.

For more than three months, I’ve had this beautifully multicolored Tantus Comet sitting at the edge of my desk waiting for its turn to please my vulva, but I’ve never had the courage to give it another chance.

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tantus alumina motion

Review: Tantus Alumina Motion

Among all the Tantus Alumina line of toys, the Revolve was the one that caught my attention the most simply because the design looked nice, and the shape looked like it knew my vagina. However, when I was told that the Motion was even better than the Revolve and that it was comparable to the legendary Pure Wand, my eyes shone brighter than the sun. Then before I knew what happened, the Motion was at my doorstep. Hail to Camila, the owner of MissX for packing a surprise box.

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tantus little flirt

Review: Tantus Little Flirt

I have been lusting for a plug since the moment I have forbidden my first plug to actually go where it was supposed to go. The smoothness and swirls got so irresistible that I finally made my mind into training that little virgin butthole of mine.

As the first plug that had the honor of exploring my inner anal walls, the Tantus Little Flirt did not leave my butt content. It walked its way in slowly, flirting with the surrounding of the tunnel, teasing the pleasurable spots before finally deciding to escape, leaving my poor butt hole confused and in desire.

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tantus echo vibrator

Review: Tantus Echo Vibrator

Never have I tried a toy on the same day of receiving it. Normally, I like to have some handasm first, and then let the toy sit on my desk in front of me while I observe its little flaws on the first day. However, with Tantus Echo Vibrator? I shoved it right up in my vagina. After washing it of course. And damn did that get me into trouble. But who can I blame, it’s Tantus.

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